AREA 7073

Marina Collard and Henrietta Hale

The practice: work as work and the work of making art.

Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard come together as two independent performance artists under the name Area 7073 to make video/performance which addresses work as necessity, making little or no distinction between working to work to make art work. Their projects are created from their real-life situations through a process of asserting the various political and artistic questions it raises. Their practice involves their own engagement with and the documenting of ordinary activity; putting a lens on and making visible the toil, tedium and banality of their lives whilst recognising the patterns, habits and political implications. The connections between performance and the digital archive/documentation/digital translations of liveness is central to their practice. Their work has developed from an interest in visibility and marginalised activity and/or status, committing to working outside of the confines of studio led practices and institutions. Their work is a revealing of particular perspectives on ordinary activity, reframing the familiar within visual and choreographic video performance or perhaps inhabiting life situations as a temporary occupation.

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